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5 Practical Packing Tips from The Professor

5 Practical Packing Tips from The Professor

Here are 5 of The Traveling Professor's top travel packing tips:

Carry-On Luggage:  This is the way to go.  Although airlines have gotten much better about getting luggage to where it is supposed to be, when it is supposed to be, a lost or delayed bag can ruin a vacation. Don't risk it. And, who wants to drag a heavy bag from hotel to hotel, on and off trains, ferries, and in and out of the airport.  There are exceptions however.  I will check bags on the way back from a trip because I am not too concerned if the bag is delayed.  I might, just might, check a bag on the way to a destination if I am staying in the same place for an extended period of time.

The Best Carry-On Bag is the eBags TLS Motherlode Wheeled Bag:  It is a combination hard/soft expandable bag.  It stores a lot!  It comes in unique colors making it easier to find a bag and less likely for someone else to mistake it for theirs.  The Traveling Professor has taken this bag and dozens and dozens of trips and it still holds up.

Plan Your Packing:  The worst thing that a traveler can do is pack at the last minute.  How The Professor does it, at least a week before departure, he will lay out clothes, meds, accessories, personal care items, gadgets, paperwork, etc. out on the bed in the spare bedroom.  That way, a week-long thought process goes into what's needed and not needed.  This practically eliminates forgetting to bring something on a trip. Also, if traveling with a friend or partner, eliminate duplicate items that can be shared by both.

Your Personal Items:  Things that you usually put in a purse or a backpack should be things like meds and personal documents that you cannot afford to lose.  I also put anything that could possibly be flagged by the security scanners in my backpack and everything else in my roller bag.  That way, if security personnel need to go through a bag, they only go through one bag, expediting my way through security.

Get Disposable Items:  Things like raincoats, umbrellas and even t-shirts can be picked up inexpensively at Goodwill or Dollar Stores.  No need to haul them around if not needed.  Just dispose of these inexpensive and bulky items before coming home.  The Professor likes to pick up personal items like body wash, soaps, and disinfecting wipes upon arrival instead of risking security check delays while traveling.

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