My Favorite Paris Restaurants

I Want to Hear Your Picks Too

Author: The Traveling Professor/Thursday, July 4, 2013/Categories: Paris

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Le Pré Verre:  This restaurant is located in the heart of the Latin Quarter on rue Thenard.   Every time I go into chef Delacourcelle's place, I am pleasantly surprised.  The food is absolutely fresh.  My favorite dishes have been boudin noir, hanger steak, and veal kidneys.  Make no mistake, the food here is high-end but at popular prices.  Lunch is a more than reasonable price-fix at 13.50 euros (starter, main, glass of wine) and dinner is a bargain at 28.50 euros with starter, main dish, and cheese/dessert.  Website:

Café Constant:  Michelin-starred chef Christian Constant operates this and a slew of other restaurants on rue St. Dominique near the Eiffel Tower.  I like to dine in the active downstairs room and order from the blackboard.   My favorite main course here has always been the duck but you will usually see a lot of fish and shellfish on the menu.   In any case, order the ile flottante for dessert.  It a traditional French dessert of fresh meringue floating in a sea of custard.  Website:

Chez Jenny:  There is one reason why I like Chez Jenny – the choucroute.  This is a dish of sauerkraut usually served with pork, sausage, and pig knuckles.  It is entirely authentic French food.   Make sure it is ordered with a bottle of gewürztraminer.  Please note that while they are very polite and the service is quite good, they do not cater to the tourist trade.  Located in Place Republique.   Website:

Bistro d’Henri:  There are only 14 tables at this small, family owned place located in the 6th near St. Sulpice.  The open kitchen serves up some terrific dishes.   The scallops are fresh and the real crowd-pleaser here.  The sliced duck is particularly tasty and served with a raspberry sauce that does not overwhelm the duck itself.   I once had a penne pasta served with foie gras.   The strong taste of the foie gras was the perfect complement to the pasta. 

This is of course,  a very limited list.  There are many, many good restaurants in Paris.   I would love to hear your suggestions. 

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