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10 Best Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Travel

10 Best Father's Day Gifts for Dads Who Love to Travel

Here is a selection of Father's Day gifts for the Dad who likes to travel:

Passport Holder:  The Traveling Professor received this a a Father's Day gift about 12 years ago and still uses it to this day.  Probably the best selection here for a great Father's Day gift. 

eBags Mother Lode Rolling Suitcase:  With The Professor's suitcase with over 400,000 travel miles under its belt, be sure that this is the best travel suitcase around.  It is durable, looks good, and packs a lot. You can't get a better carry-on suitcase than this one. 

Historic Maps:  This is really a terrific gift for Dad.  The Professor has posted on his walls historic maps of Scotland, Ireland and the Normandy Invasion Beaches.  They are fabulous conversation pieces that will always be a rememberance of a great Father's Day. 

Day Pack:  How about a day pack for those excursions to San Gimignano, Versailles, or Giverny?  Here is a day pack that is the perfect size, weight, and price. 

Cole Hahn Walking Shoes:  They are stylish, comfortable, and really useful on city walks in Edinburgh, Paris, London, Barcelona, Dublin, and Vienna.

Yellow Raincoat:  Yes, it does rain in Scotland, Ireland, Iceland, Peru, and London.   Dad will certainly appreciate this gift when it does rain. 

Apple AirTags:  This is the most popular Father's Day gift this year.  Attach an air tag to your luggage or whatever else you want to attach to it and you will ALWAYS know exactly where it is.  A really terrific idea for a Father's Day Gift for the Traveling Dad. 

EPICKA Universal Travel Adapter: This gets the award for the best travel plug adapter. 

PackTowl Personal:  Boy, does this come in handy for all sorts of situations.  Wipe mist off glasses and phones, wipe down eating surfaces on planes and restaurants.  Some hotels in Europe don't provide washcloths - this is the perfect solution. 

Wayfarer Folding Sunglasses:  Now this is the absolute coolest gift you can get for Dad.  He probably would never buy them himself, but he's going to love this gift.  Perfect for packing and traveling. 




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