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What is Small Ship Cruising Like?

What is Small Ship Cruising Like?

These days, small ship cruising is the way to go.  Say goodbye to those 1000+ passenger ships with gigantic buffets at night, expensive excursions, and the daily fight for deck chairs near the pool.  The Traveling Professor has been running small ship cruises to Croatia, sailing along the Dalmatian Coast, since 2017.  Here is an example what a small ship cruise to Croatia with The Traveling Professor is like:

Number of and Types of Passengers: On a small ship cruise, you might find 30-35 passengers.  In many cases, this allows a cruise to be tailored for those traveling.  For instance, on a Traveling Professor small ship cruise to Croatia, only adults are permitted on the cruise.  In almost all cases, those travelers are from the United States and Canada just because that's who Traveling Professor clients are.  We even see some very specialized cruises like for those who are foodies, cyclists, or even wine drinkers.  Although The Professor does not run cruises that are that specific, we can arrange for those kinds of activities for clients who want them. 

The Ship:  This is where a small ship cruise really stands out.   Each passenger has their well-designed deluxe cabin with private shower, toilet, A/C unit, wi-fi, TV.  On The Traveling Professor's cruises, passengers are always pleasantly surprised at the deluxe accommodations.   There is always plenty of room on deck.  No racing to reserve lounge chairs - there is always one available.  There is always plenty of space on board to sit and relax.  There is a large, air-conditioned dining room and a hot tub too.  Here are some photos of the ship we use in Croatia: 

Sailing:  Small ships almost exclusively sail during the day.  They also sail along the coastline in calmer waters than those big ocean-going ships.  Small ships pull into small coves almost every day for a swim stop.  In almost all cases, the ship is in port overnight. 

Meals:  Breafast, at your lesiure, is provided each morning.  When lunch and dinner is provided, it is mostly a 3-course meal of locally prepared foods.  A major difference between small ships and big ship is that on the small ship there are none of those grandiose buffets.  The advantage of a small ship, since it can pull into smaller ports, it offers many different and varied dining opportunities. 

Excursions:  Small ship cruising includes all excursions like visits to local taverns, wine tastings, visits and tours in cities.   

So, if you think you might want to go on a deluxe cruise, that is truly relaxing, take a look at The Traveling Professor's small ship cruise to Croatia:




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