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10 Travel Essentials to Pack on Your Next Trip

10 Travel Essentials to Pack on Your Next Trip

Here is the "Holy Grail" of travel essentials to consider bringing on your next trip.  Just click the link to find where to get these travel products.

The Best Guide Book on Finding the Best Places to Eat and Drink:   Andy Herbach has put a series of excellent compact books to guide you on where to eat and drink almost anywhere you go.   Find the best places in Rome, Florence, Venice, Oslo, London, Paris, Barcelona and just about anywhere else.  

Document Organizer:  The Professor puts all his essential documents in this organizer.  No more fumbling around to find passports, hotel reservations, airline tickets, etc.  Plus, it's RFID protected.

Microfiber Towel:  You would not believe all the uses of this simple travel item has.  The Professor clips it on to a backpack and uses it to wipe his glasses clean, wipe down surfaces, use it as a mini-towel, and when in need, as a washcloth.  A simple item with so many uses. The one we like does the job and is cheap.  Buy it. 

Merino Wool Socks:  This is one of the best things travelers can buy.  They are comfortable, odor free, and dry quickly.   Once you get a hold of a pair of these, there will never be a need to buy any other types of socks. 

Travel Day Pack:  The Professor NEVER goes on a trip without this handy item.  When touring during the day, just throw in a bottle of water, your microfiber towel, a guide book and you are good to go.  Great for carrying around souvenirs you might purchase during the touring day.  The one shown here is light and inexpensive. 

EPICKA Power Adapter:  The only travel adapter you need.  Buy it. 

Eddie Bauer Travel Pants:  These are the only pants The Professor wears on tours.  They are light.  They look good.  They are comfortable. They have plenty of pockets. Also come in women's versions. 

Portable Carbon Monoxide Detector:  When staying in an AirBnB or close quarters, sleep peacefully knowing that you will be protected from carbon monoxide. 

Apple AirTags:  This might be the best invention in travel in the past 10 years.  Attach it to luggage and you will always know where it is.  Slip one in your wallet or on your keychain so you will never lose these items.  

Downy Wrinkle Release:  You're going to love this one.  Give your clothes, all wrinkled up from traveling in a suitcase, a gentle spray and in about 5 minutes they look like they just came from the dry cleaner.  



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