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Why The Professor Loves the Veneto Region of Northern Italy

Why The Professor Loves the Veneto Region of Northern Italy

The Traveling Professor has been visiting the Veneto region of Italy for years.  The Veneto region of Northern Italy comprises great cities and towns like Venice, Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Bassano del Grappa, Treviso and much more.  Since he discovered it about 10 years ago, it is one place The Professor wants to go back to over and over again. What makes it so desirable, let The Professor tell you:

Less Crowded:  Everyone loves Rome and Florence.  But the crowds!  They can be overwhelming.  It can also be expensive too.  The Veneto region offers a more relaxed atmosphere where the traveler gets more "bang for their euro" than other parts of Italy.

Culture:  There is so much more to the Veneto region than what most people are familiar with.  For instance, in Padua there is the Scrovegni Chapel, perhaps more significant historically than the Sistine Chapel.  Padua is also the academic home to the University of Padua where Galileo freely taught, unencumbered by Roman oversight.  Padua is also the visiting place of pilgrims who flock to St. Anthony's Basilica.  There is also the oldest botanical gardens in Europe, Italy's largest square, the famed Cafe Pedrocchi, There are 4 squares in Padua and everything is easily walkable from centrally located hotels.  Close by are the canals of Venice and it's obvious history and culture.  Bassano del Grappa is more than just grappa.  It is a charming old Italian village where most business still close for lunch.  Where else can you sit riverside on the Brenta and enjoy an unrushed lunch or cocktail at a bargain price?  Verona is the home of Romeo and Juliet and uncrowded Roman Arena, in much better condition than Rome's Colosseum.  Vicenza is the home of the stunning architecture and amazing Teatro Olimpico by the famed architect Palladio.  Treviso is a walk back in time and the famed fish market operates daily.

Food:  What The Professor loves about dining in these cities is that the food is fresh and many family-owned restaurants can be found.  These restaurants take great care in providing exceptional and genuine service while serving some of the most authentic food to be found.  There is never a need for a reservation.  The best seats can be found in spacious outdoor squares or at the best tables indoors.  

Cost:  With the exception of Venice, lodging is comparatively inexpensive.  Not to be found are the enormous chain hotels.  Proprietors take great care in taking care of travelers.

Join The Professor on a tour of the Veneto region of Italy.



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