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Taking the Overnight Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

Taking the Overnight Ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo

The Traveling Professor has taken dozens of travelers on his small group tour to Copenhagen and Norway.  Part of the trip is the delightful overnight ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo.

Ferry Overiew:  The most frequent comment we get from travelers is "I didn't think it would be as nice as it is".  We always book sea view Commodore Class outside cabins on the DFDS line from Copenhagen to Oslo.  The cabins are roomy with one large bed and a large window for a perfect view.  There is a refrigerator (always filled with a complimentary small bottle of champagne), free wi-fi, and a TV.  Bath and shower is located inside the cabin and can be a little tight, but for one night is it perfect.  Breakfast in your room or in the spacious dining room is included.

Dining:  There are a variety of restaurants on the ferry.  The Professor recommends that the first thing you do when boarding is to make a reservation at the restaurant of your choice in order to get your preferred dining time.  There is an informal Italian restaurant, a buffet, a steak house, a family bistro, and a cafe.  Here are the dining options.  As mentioned, travelers can have breakfast in their cabin or in the dining room in the morning when arriving in Oslo.

The Ferry in Detail:  The ferry is spacious and well-decorated.  There is plenty of comfortable seating indoors and if weather permits, out of doors.  There are bars and in season, entertainment is provided.  The ferry can handle up to about 1,850 passengers.  However, on The Professor's small group tours to Denmark and Norway we have found the ship to be full in peak summer months (June-August) and about half full in off-season, starting in September.  It is important to book a ferry well in advance. 

The Cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo:  We like to arrive at the ferry terminal at least an hour before departure to check in.  There is seating in the departure area.  Boarding is orderly and quick.  We shove off from the Copenhagen port at about 4 p.m.  Most passengers will wander about the ship, taking in the scenic views before dinner.  We have never had a rough cruise since the ship never really gets out to the wide open seas.  All of our cruises have been smooth and calm.  The highlight of the cruise is waking up early the next morning for the absolutely spectacular cruise through the fjord leading to the dramatic skyline of Oslo.  We arrive in Oslo at about 9:30 in the morning.  Disembarkment is orderly and quick.  We are usually in our hotel within 30 minutes or so.  Here is a short video of one of our small group tours pulling into Oslo on the DFDS ferry

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