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Traditional Roman Walk

best rome itineraryRome is one of the most popular destination in all of Europe.  The Traveling Professor has led many small group tours to Rome since 2010.   One of our favorite activities is to wander around this open-air museum.   Check out today's blog post for a worthwhile itinerary when visiting this ancient city.

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Top 5 Tips for Visiting Paris

Save Money in ParisThe Traveling Professor has visited Paris many, many times not only personally but on his small group tours to Paris.   The City of Light can be an expensive city and a lot of time can be wasted if careful planning is not undertaken.  So, take the benefit of my years of experience in traveling to Paris and look at my Top 5 Picks to save money and time while visiting Paris.

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Tuscany and The Veneto Region of Italy

trip to the venetoI arrive in Italy on Friday for another small group tour to Italy.  We have 10 experienced travelers this time.  We are bypassing some of the traditional sites on this trip.  Although we stay in Florence for 4 nights, we will day trip to Lucca, the Chianti region, spend a couple of days in Florence digging deeper into this Renaissance city.   Then we go to the un-touristy city of Padua where we will base ourselves.  We'll spend some time there and also visit Shakespeare's Verona, Vicenza, and the better-than-Lake-Come destination, Lake Garda.  Look at the blog post for our itinerary.

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Padua: The Perfect Italian City

small group tours to paduaWe just returned from Italy on a Traveling Professor small group tour with 10 travelers.  After 4 days in Florence visiting great sites like the Chianti region and the Uffizi's Vasari corridor, we headed off for 5 nights in Padua.   Never heard of it?  Well you should know it.  It might just be the best city in all of Italy. 

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My "Go To" Travel Websites

best travel websitesI travel more than most people racking up about 75,000 air miles per year.  I also help other people make travel arrangements.  I find myself constantly using the same websites and travel apps not only to save money and time.   As you will see, they are mostly airline websites, train booking websites/apps, and general travel sites.   Check out my blog post to see what The Traveling Professor uses to plan his travel life.


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The Professor is Off to Italy - Again

small group tours to italyI just returned from a tour with 10 travelers to Florence and the Veneto region (Padua, Verona, Vicenza, Lake Garda) and today I am on another adventure with 9 travelers.   We start in the sunny Amalfi Coast and wind up in unique Venice, passing through Renaissance Florence on the way.   On this tour we will be staying at the luxurious Grand Excelsior in Sorrento, the Il Guelfo Bianco in Florence, and the Hotel American Dinesen in Venice Check out my blog post about my small group tour to Italy and our itinerary.

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The Grand Vittoria Excelsior Hotel

grand vittoria sorrentoNormally, The Traveling Professor small group tours stay in 3-star or 4-star hotels on his tours to Paris, Italy, and Scandinavia.   This time we are with a small group tour and we were able to get a 4-night stay in the luxurious Grand Vittoria Excelsior overlooking the cliffs on the Bay of Naples.   Check out my blog post to find out more of our experience in Italy.

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Italy Trip Report

small group tours to italyThe Traveling Professor is back in Italy with 10 travelers on a small group tour.  We arrived last Sunday and are about 3/4 of the way done with our tour.   We have been quite lucky with the weather with only a little bit of rain showing up today.   But to get the full scoop on our small group tour to Italy, check out today's blog post by The Traveling Professor.

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