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Denmark, Norway, Iceland Trip Report

small group tour to denmark norway iceland13 hearty travelers joined The Traveling Professor on a small group tour to Denmark, Norway and Iceland earlier this month.   This group was a little different from The Professor's other groups in that it was almost evenly split between Baby Boomers and Millenials.  It was surprising how the two groups fit in so well with each other to enjoy a wonderful trip to Scandinavia.  Read about it in this travel blog post. 

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Top Tips for Traveling to Iceland

small group tours to icelandCool Iceland is the hottest travel destination on earth right now.  The Traveling Professor just completed his third small group tour to Iceland and has quite a few practical Iceland trips under his belt that will save the traveler time and money.  There are a few things to consider, and a few things to watch out for on a tour to Iceland.  Read The Professor's Iceland blog post and get the most out of your next tour to Iceland.

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3 Elegant and Affordable Places to Dine in Paris

elegant and affordable dining in parisParis is considered by many as the food capital of the world.  On The Traveling Professor's small group tours to Paris, we enjoy nice meals without breaking the bank.  Whether it be for lunch or dinner, there are places to dine in Paris on the high end without blowing your entire food budget on one meal.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post to find elegant dining experiences at a reasonable price.

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Why You Need to Switch Airlines

small group tours to europeThe major overseas legacy carriers:  American, Delta, United and even British Airways, Lufthansa along with their "alliance airlines" control the most passenger traffic between the U.S. and Europe.  You have heard the horror stories of poor customer service, old planes, unfair fares, tight seats, lousy meals, passengers being treated like cattle, etc.  But now, there are some new kids on the block in terms of airlines going to Europe.  Are they worth a look?  You bet they are.  Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post and find out how to get to Europe cheaper and in more comfort.

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How to Get to Your Hotel in Venice

small group tours to italyOne of the nice things about Venice is that it is away from it all, with winding unmarked streets, pedestrian traffic only.  One of the bad things about Venice is that it is away from it all, with winding sometimes unmarked streets, pedestrian traffic only.  There is no taxi or car service within Venice. The Traveling Professor has a lot of experience with his small group tours to Italy and today, he gives his advice on getting to your hotel from the Venice train station or Marco Polo airport.

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Tips on Finding a Great Hotel in Paris

Hoteliers in Paris have admitted to me, Paris tourism is in a slump by as much as 30%. What that means is the savvy traveler can find bargains - if they know where to look.  For instance, we found a 5-star luxury hotel in the 5th arrondissement for $154 a night, right next to a 2-star hotel charging $150 per night.  I'll take the upgrade for $4 any day or night.  The key to finding the best rates is to know what leverage you have and then to apply it.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor tells you the tips to get the best hotel rates possible on your next tour to Paris. 

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Four Lunch Spots in Paris

best lunch spots in parisOn our small group tours to Paris, we always take time out to stop for a nice relaxing lunch.  And why not? We had a "tough" day of touring and it's time to live as the Parisians do.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor has selected four of his best lunch spots in Paris.  On your next tour to Paris, check one of these places out.

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Travel Product of the Month

travel product of the monthThis month's Travel Product of the Month is one that I would never have thought of until I saw other travelers use it in various different ways.  It can help save money, time and hassles while on the road. I have one myself and it is a great inexpensive travel gift.  Take a look at The Traveling Professor's Travel Product of the Month in today's blog post.

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Tips on Getting a Better Seat on the Plane

how to get a better seat on a planeLet's face it.  Flying is miserable these days.  Coach class seats are tight to start with and no one wants to get stuck in the dreaded middle seat.  So, why not just upgrade to a premium class like first, business or premium economy?  Well that can be expensive.  For example, I priced a R/T flight between JFK and Madrid in October.  The coach class fare is a bargain $483 departing on October 30 and returning November 6.  But upgrading to business class is a whopping $2676. Premium economy is more than double the price at about $968.  But there are ways to get a better seat without spending so much money.

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5 Basic Tips for Getting Better International Air Fares

The Traveling Professor helps well over 100 travelers a year get the best airfares.  Whether they are on one of The Traveling Professor's small group tours or if they are traveling on their own, it is always a pleasure to help them get the best air itinerary possible. Not only do I book about 75,000 to 100,000 air miles for myself each year, I am also booking hundreds of thousands of miles for other travelers too.  So, here are my most basic tips on how to get the best airfares.

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Top 5 Tips for Saving Money and Time on a European Trip

How to Save Money in EuropeIn my 100+ trips to Europe, I have learned quite a bit.  I have learned how to save money and time on airfares, hotels, tours, meals, and transportation.  But I never pinch pennies at the expense of comfort.  For instance, I would not choose to save $200 on a flight if the savings meant that I would need multiple connections or endure 24+ hour flights over a direct flight.  I would not choose to stay in a hostel outside of city limits over a centrally located comfortable hotel just to save 25 euros a night.  Check out The Professor's practical travel tips to save time and money on your next international trip to Europe.

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3 Basic Tips for Booking International Flights with Miles

Tips for Redeeming Award MilesAirline award miles keep getting devalued.  Less and less seats are available with award miles. The number of miles required to book a seat keep going up. Fees for booking with award miles seem to be on the rise too.  However, there are situations where award miles can be used to the traveler's advantage.  In this blog post, The Traveling Professor gives you his basic tips for booking international flight with award miles.

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4 Spots to Eat in Florence Italy

best places to eat in florence italyThe food of Tuscany is flavorful, colorful, and satisfying.  I love the fresh vegetables and hearty cuts of steak.  There is chicken, mushrooms, peppers, truffles, omelets, risotto and pasta.  The cheeses are outstanding are outstanding and let's not even talk about dessert. Check out The Traveling Professor's blog post on the best places to eat in Florence, Italy.

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Top 7 Things About Visiting Norway

small group tours to norwayWe have been running small group tours to Norway for several years now.  It happens to be one of my favorite places to go. The natural beauty (waterfalls, mountains, streams, fjords) is unmatched.  The food is great.  Attractions are out of this world.  Read The Traveling Professor's blog post and find his Top 10 reasons to travel to Norway.

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A Day Trip to Brussels from Paris or London

day trip to brusselsOn our small group tours to Paris, once in a while, we take a break and do a day trip somewhere else.  It could be Giverny, it could be to Versailles and if we are ambitious, we can take the train up to Brussels for a day or two visit to this wonderful city.  Read The Professor's blog post on how to plan a day trip to Brussels.

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