Travel Insurance and What You Need to Know

Travel Insurance for the International Traveler

travel insurance the traveling professorOn my tours to Paris, Italy, Spain and Peru, travelers often ask me what type of travel insurance, if any, to purchase.   There are several travel insurance products out there.   The descriptions can be lengthy and confusing.   So for your next tour whether it be to Paris, Italy, Spain or even Peru and Machu Picchu, I have put together some concise information on what kind of international travel insurance a travel might want to consider purchasing for their next tour.

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Trip Interruption Insurance

What is it? And What Benefits Does it Provide?

It is safe to say that I travel internationally more than the typical person.   On top of that, I am usually traveling with more than a dozen people coming from all parts of North America on my small group tours to Europe and Peru.  Over the years I have seen travelers trips interrupted for a variety of reasons such as snowy weather, lost luggage, loss of a job, erupting volcanoes, hurricanes, floods, strikes, mechanical issues with planes, missed flights, lost passports, and illness of relatives, among others.  Fortunately, these issues don't occur as frequently as you might think, but they do happen.  Let's face it, going on vacation is expensive and you might want to protect your vacation from being a total disaster and there is a way to do that - with trip interruption insurance.

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The Best Austrian City in Italy

Trieste VisitThere is much more to Italy than Rome, Florence, and Venice.  We do recommend visiting those three cities if you have never been to Italy before.  However, there is so much more to explore.  In between trips to Croatia, we had the opportunity to go up to Trieste, very close to the Croatia and Slovenia border. Although we spent only a short time there, we found it to be a refreshing and most enjoyable way to experience Italy.  Read about our short visit to Trieste in today's blog post. 

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