10 Great Gifts for the Traveler

Best Holiday Gifts for the Traveler in Your Life

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Everyone seems to be traveling these days, so a holiday gift for the traveler in your life seems appropriate for the upcoming gift giving season. The Traveling Professor takes travelers on about 15 small group tours every year.  He gets to see what travelers are using, what their needs are, and what they would like to get from you this Christmas.  In this blog post, The Traveling Professor has culled together a collection of 10 of his best travel gift ideas. He's picked all sorts of gifts for all sorts of travelers. Take a look at The Professor's Top Ten Holiday Gifts for Travelers.  Happy Holidays!

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Holiday Gifts for the Traveler

Six Travel Gifts Just About Anyone Will Love

Holiday Travel Gift GuideEvery year The Traveling Professor publishes his holiday travel gift guide. These gifts are geared to the type of traveler that goes on The Traveling Professor's small group tours, but just about any traveler can find something of use in this year's line-up. For convenience, all gifts, except one, are available on Amazon.com so it won't be necessary to get in the car.  Everything can be delivered right to your door!

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5 Great Holiday Travel Gifts

Things the Traveler in Your Family Will Love

2017 travel gift suggestionsWith the holiday season upon us, I am sure there is much wondering about what to get the traveler in your family.  The Traveling Professor has listed 5 gifts this season, some priced as low as $10.  Any of these thoughtful gifts will surely be welcome by the wandering members of your family and even your friends.  Check out The Professor's 2017 holiday gift suggestions.

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Two Great Christmas Gifts

Perfect for the Traveler in Your Life

best travel giftsPeople always ask me for recommendations on Christmas gifts for their traveling friends or even for themselves.   Sometimes I recommend travel guides, travel clothing and even a copy of "The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris".  But the best travel gift I can recommend for the holidays this year is posted in today's blog post.

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Holiday Travel Gifts

Picks from The Professor

The Traveling Professor logs about 75,000 miles in the air each year.   Internationally, I have traveled to Italy four times in 2014, I have gone to Paris twice, have visited Norway, and have been to Peru.   Domestically, I have visited Savannah, Charleston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, Tucson, Dallas (four times), and Austin (twice).   Actually, it was a light year for me.   But through my traveling, I have come across some great items that I can recommend to you whether you are taking a small group tour to Paris for a week or a weekend trip to Chicago.

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6 Tips on Staying Healthy While Traveling

travel insurance the traveling professorThe Traveling Professor is on the road with his small group tours about 150 days a year.  We visit places like Paris, Peru, Norway, Ireland, Italy, and Croatia.  We can be in a warm climate one week and a cold one the next week.  For instance, we finished up a trip in Croatia where the temperature was in the 90's and the next week in Norway we saw snowflakes.  We travel on all types of transportation, at all hours of the day, eat all kinds of foods, and use all kinds of public facilities. Keeping healthy on a trip is a challenge and in this blog post, The Professor gives his best tips for keeping healthy while traveling.
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The Professor's Favorite Places to Travel in 2020

where to travel in 2020

People are traveling more than ever.  The economy is good, people seem to have more leisure time, and they want to go to new places and experience different foods and culture. The Traveling Professor small group tours go all over Europe, to Canada, and South America.  People generally travel to places they have heard of before, but in today's blog post, The Traveling Professor has some suggestions of places to travel in 2020. Take a look, some of them are quite interesting!

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