5 Religious Sites in Paris

These Destinations are Worth the Visit on a Tour to Paris

religious sites in parisParis is a multi-faceted city full of historical, cultural, culinary, and religious attractions.  Today we take a look at 5 different religious attractions worth visiting on your next tour to Paris.  Some of the Paris religious sites listed in today's The Traveling Professor blog post will be familiar, some will surprise you.  In any case, take a look at The Professor's 5 religon-oriented sites of interest in Paris.

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4 Free Sites in Paris

They Won't Even Cost a Euro

carnavalet gardenWhen on a tour to Paris, travelers will find that most churches and parks are free to enter.   But some museums and other attractions are free of charge also.  Some of the attractions listed in the blog post are familiar but I have also listed some of the best free Paris attractions too, that you have probably never heard of. Today, The Traveling Professor will review some of the better free locations to visit next time you are on a trip to Paris.

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4 Religious Sites in Paris

Religious, Archtectural, and Hollywood Signficance

miraculous medal tours to parisWhen visiting Paris solo or on a small group tour, it is always a good idea to put some religious sites on the itinerary.   Some are important for their historical or cultural value, some for their religious value of course, and some because they have been featured in famous Hollywood films.   Read The Traveling Professor's blog post and find out about some interesting Paris religious sites on your next tour to Paris.

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Discovering Southern Italy's Jewish Heritage

Italy's Jewish HeritageOur dear friends, Tess and Elena have been running wonderful tours to Southern Italy for some time now.  Their company is called The Heart of Southern Italy.  Like us, they love to show small groups the real Italy, especially in Puglia, one of the most beautiful places all in Italy.  Puglia is the home of the best food in Italy and wonderful scenery.  It is far away from the throbbing crowds of Rome, Florence, and Venice.  Now they have introduced a tour The Traveling Professor highly recommends, Discovering Southern Italy's Jewish Heritage.  Read all about it in their guest blog post.

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How We Pack for a 3 Week Tour to Europe

eBagsLinda and I will be departing on a 21-day small group tours to Paris, Normandy Invasion Beaches, Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands.  Everything, as usual, goes in our carry-on.  We will take one suitcase each and a small backpack.  We will take into consideration the weather, the terrain we will be walking on, the sites to be visited.  21 days is actually a short trip for us, we have gone on trips as long as 44 days with just a carry on.  Look at the blog post to see how we pack and what we pack.

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3 Almost Off the Radar Places to Visit in Paris

3 Almost off the Radar Places in ParisEveryone knows the Eiffel Tower, Louvre, Orsay, Rodin and the Arc de Triomphe.  They are some of the most popular places to visit while on a tour to Paris. However, Paris has many more attractive options to visit. In this blog post The Traveling Professor lists 3 of his "almost off the radar" places to visit on your next trip to Paris.

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