Two Places to Spend Halloween in Paris

Scary Places in the City of Light

What to do in Paris on HalloweenOn our last small group tour to Paris, we were there during the Halloween season.   Halloween in Paris is catching on.  There are Halloween parties, and the storefronts do have Halloween displays.   In today's blog post, I will give you some tips on good places to spend Halloween in Paris.

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The Paris "I See Dead People Tour"

An Offbeat Walking Tour

pere lachaise traveling professorI watched the Bruce Willis classic, "The Sixth Sense" the other night.   After waking up after a few nightmares, I dreamed up some Paris "I See Dead People" tours myself.   It's not really a horror story, but it can be a lot of fun to do this offbeat tour next time on vacation in The City of Light.

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4 Free Sites in Paris

They Won't Even Cost a Euro

carnavalet gardenWhen on a tour to Paris, travelers will find that most churches and parks are free to enter.   But some museums and other attractions are free of charge also.  Some of the attractions listed in the blog post are familiar but I have also listed some of the best free Paris attractions too, that you have probably never heard of. Today, The Traveling Professor will review some of the better free locations to visit next time you are on a trip to Paris.

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Paris Left Bank Restaurant List

Paris Left Bank Restaurant ListLots of people go to Paris just to eat. Travelers have no problem in finding restaurants. The Traveling Professor has compiled a list of his favorite restaurants, many of them used on his small group tours to Paris. There are a wide variety of restaurants, some specializing in fish, some in traditional French food, and some in more modern French food.  For those looking for a break, we've also including a favorite Italian restaurant with comfortable seating an view of Luxembourg Gardens.

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