Five 2-Star Hotels in Paris

Good Budget Friendly Picks

best 2 star hotels in ParisHotels in Paris can be expensive and a good bargain is hard to find.  The Traveling Professor, on his small group tours to Paris, has used several good 2-star hotels. The Professor's requirements for a good 2-star hotel is that they must be clean, comfortable, and quiet.  Location also plays a big factor into selecting a Paris hotel.  In this blog post, The Professor has selected five good 2-star hotels for your next trip to Paris.

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Tips on Finding a Great Hotel in Paris

Great Values are Available - If You Know How to Look

Hoteliers in Paris have admitted to me, Paris tourism is in a slump by as much as 30%. What that means is the savvy traveler can find bargains - if they know where to look.  For instance, we found a 5-star luxury hotel in the 5th arrondissement for $154 a night, right next to a 2-star hotel charging $150 per night.  I'll take the upgrade for $4 any day or night.  The key to finding the best rates is to know what leverage you have and then to apply it.  In today's blog post, The Traveling Professor tells you the tips to get the best hotel rates possible on your next tour to Paris. 

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Eleven More Affordable Paris Hotels

Everyone Loves a Good Paris Hotel from The Professor's Private List

affordable paris hotelsEveryone loves a good, inexpensive Paris hotel.   I can't even count how many times I have toured Paris, but it must be at least 60 times and over that period, I have collected quite a list of affordable Paris hotels.   Check out today's blog post and get the information on where to start looking for an affordable Paris hotel.

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Luxury Hotels in Paris

Here are 3 of my Choices

paris toursParis hotels can be expensive, as expensive as any city in the world.  Whether it be on your personal tour to Paris or one of my small group tours to Paris, the cost of a hotel makes up a major part of the expense of a trip.  However, there are times to splurge.   In today's blog post I have listed some of my favorite luxury Paris hotels.  My picks are based upon location, comfort, amenities and value.   So, if you want to go "all the way" on your next tour to Paris, check out my hotel choices.

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Three Hotels in the Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

Enjoy These Paris Hotel Picks

paris hotels eiffel tower viewI get plenty of requests from Paris travelers regarding hotels near the Eiffel Tower.   In my book, The Traveling Professor's Guide to Paris I have over 30 hotel recommendations but for those who want to see the tower twinkle at night as they doze off to la-la land, here are my picks for Paris hotels near the ET.  Enjoy the view!

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Two Quirky Hotels in Paris

For Those Who Want Something Out Of The Ordinary

traveling professorLooking for something unique and unusual in Paris?  Have I got two hotels for you.  They are both in VERY desirable locations and priced well below average.   One of them offers typical Paris rooms but the location (probably no other Paris hotel is more centrally located than this one) and situation is very unusual.  The second one is eclectic and each room is different, a throwback to a different time.  So, read my blog post and find out about two very unique Paris hotels.

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My Favorite Paris Hotels

Let's Hear Your Recommendations Too

Paris hotel recommendationsOne of the most important decisions in taking a tour of Paris is lodging.   For me, location is the most important factor.  I look for a hotel that is centrally located, in a safe area, and near transportation options.   Next, I want to make sure my Paris hotel is clean, comfortable, and quiet.  I don't necessarily look for a luxury Paris hotel, in fact, I prefer smaller, family owned Paris hotels. Read my blog post for guidelines on selecting a Paris hotel and for my recommendations.
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