Top Tips for a Rome Vacation

5 Easy Tips to Make a Visit to Rome Easy

tips for visiting romeEveryone wants to visit Rome at least once.  The Colosseum, Forum, and Vatican are musts.  The Borghese Gallery is high on visitor's lists when touring Rome.  However, Rome can be difficult to manage due to crowds and logistical issues.  The Traveling Professor has a lot of experience in visiting Rome, especially with his small group tours to Rome.  Read the blog post and make a visit to Rome easy and fun.

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Where to Stay in Rome

Hotel Picks for Travelers

best hotels in romeRome is a favorite destination of travelers and The Traveling Professor visits several times a year on his small group tours to Italy. Finding a hotel accommodation near transportation options, in a quiet location, at a reasonable price can be a challenge.  After many, many tours to Italy, The Professor shares his recommendations for the best hotels in Rome. Read the blog post and find out what the best hotels in Rome are.

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