Packing List for Peru and Machu Picchu Trip

What to Bring on a Tour to Peru and Machu Picchu

tours to Machu PicchuThe Traveling Professor has done 20+ small group tours to Peru and Machu Picchu.  There are all sorts of considerations to be taken considering the weather and the altitude.  The Traveling Professor has put together a packing list for a trip to Peru and Machu Picchu. There is a list for men and a list for women.  It not only includes what to wear, but specific equipment recommendations such as boots and hiking equipment.

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My Italy Packing List

What I'm Packing for 14 Days in Rome, Amalfi Coast, Florence and Venice

packing list for italyOn Saturday I depart for 14 days in Italy on a Traveling Professor Small Group Tour to Italy.   We are taking 9 travelers to Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Florence and Venice.   I only do carry-on because based upon my experience, about 15% of all luggage transported internationally does not meet its owner upon arrival.   Also, we are handling our own bags on/off trains, vans, buses and in Venice, even boats.   See what The Traveling Professor is packing in his bag on his small group tour to Italy.

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Italy Packing List

What I Bring for a One Week Tour of Italy

small group tours to italyOn Wednesday I embark for a one week tour of Italy.  When I take people on a small group tour of Italy I have a well-defined itinerary but this time, since I am traveling on a personal trip to Italy, my itinerary is somewhat more flexible.   All I know now is I will arrive in Rome and stay for 2 nights, probably taking a trip to Assisi, then I will go up to Florence for a few nights taking side trips to Pisa, Venice and perhaps Siena.   I will probably spend the last night in Milan before heading home.   Check out my blog post to see what I will be packing on a trip to Italy.

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What I'm Packing for My Tour to London and Paris

No checked Bags for Me! What's on Your Packing List?

Packing List for EuropeOn my 8 day trip to Europe I won't check any bags.   The first reason is that experience tells me about 10% of all checked bags never get to their destination.   Lost luggage will ruin a trip.   The second reason is that I don't want to lug heavy bags up and down stairs, on and off trains, and drag bags through the cobblestone streets of the Left Bank of Paris.  Everything goes in a small rolling suitcase plus my backpack as a carry on.  I have been running tours to Paris, Italy, Spain and Peru for years and have learned to pack very efficiently.  Check out my blog to see what I will be packing for a trip to London and Pairs.
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The Joy of Inexpensively Flying Premium Economy Overseas

Flying Premium EconomyIf you are like The Traveling Professor, you abhor those overnight coach class trans-Atlantic flights from North America to Europe.  They are jam-packed, cramped, and they are practically impossible to get any sleep on.  You could always book business or first class, but that will probably cost about $3,000 or more.  But on a recent small group tour to Italy, we took an overseas flight from New York to Italy, I flew in comfort with a good 6 hours of shut-eye, for less than a coach-class seat.  See why Premium Economy is the only way to go to Europe.
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5 Places to Eat in Florence Italy

Flying Premium Economy

The Professor just returned from a small group tour to Italy.  We saw a lot of great sites like the David at the Accademia and the classic Renaissance Italian art at the Uffizi Palace.  We enjoyed the charm and history of this great Tuscan city.  But when it came time to eat, we took advantage of the bounty of wonderful Italian food, Tuscan style. The best restaurants in Florence feature fresh vegetables, aromatic herbs, home-made pasta, organic beef.  Don't forget about the pizza, cheeses, fruits and of course the best gelato in the world.  Read about The Traveling Professor's ppicks for some of the best restaurants in Florence.

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The Professor's Top 5 Travel Tips

Top 5 Travel TipsIn my 15 years as The Traveling Professor I have learned a lot about travel and how to travel comfortably, efficiently and as inexpensively as possible.  I am not a "cheap" traveler who does anything to save a buck (or a euro).  My travel tips make sense, they do not sacrifice comfort for cost.  They are easy to implement - by that I mean you don't need to jump through hoops to save money or time. Take a moment and read my best international travel tips and make your next overseas trip easier, more comfortable, and less expensive.
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Why We Love Cruising in Croatia

small ship cruise Croatia

We introduced our Croatia and the Dalmatian Coast cruise with a preview tour in October 2017.  Since then, we have taken many travelers on our 30-person small ship luxury charter on 4 subsequent tours, including 2 this past August. There is a lot to like about visiting Croatia and especially cruising along the Adriatic coast.  The Traveling Professor will tell you all about it, with photos, in his latest blog post about a small group tour to Croatia.  Maybe you will consider a small ship cruise with The Professor too!

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