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Favorite Bars and Cocktails in Europe, Canada and South America

Favorite Bars and Cocktails in Europe, Canada and South America

Here are The Traveling Professor's picks for the best bars and cocktails to be found in Europe:

Caffe Gilli, Florence, Italy:  There is nothing like sitting on the best piazza in all of Florence, Piazza Repubblica, enjoying the best Italian cocktail, a Negroni.  A Negroni is what the Italians love - a bitter tasting drink properly made of gin, Campari, and Italian vermouth with a slice of orange.  The Professor says that one Negroni is not enough, two is too many.  In that case, try a Negroni's lighter cousin, the Aperol Spritz.

Harry's Bar, Paris:  If Ernest Hemingway liked this place, it has to be good.  Near the Paris Opera house, we love to stop here for a few drinks after a long day of touring.  It is surprisingly an American-style bar with walls plastered with American college pennants and photos of famed visitors.  Allegedly the Bloody Mary was invented at Harry's Bar.

The Long Hall, Dublin, Ireland: It's crowded, it's loud, and they have the friendliest bartenders in Dublin.  What to order? A Guinness of course!

The Malt Shovel, Edinburgh, Scotland:  The drink of the day here is Scotch Whisky.  That's right, there is no "e" in Scotch Whiskey.  The Professor learned to love whisky here because it is a place to spend all afternoon trying wee drams from all over Scotland.  Where whisky is made gives each brand its personality and taste. It's almost like going to school to learn about whisky.  Spend all day tasting (inexpensively) all different types from all over Scotland to learn what you like. 

Inkaterra Lodge, Amazon Jungle, Peru:  Far from anywhere, deep in the jungle, is the best bar in all of Peru.  And the favorite cocktail of course?  A Pisco Sour.  It is made from 1 1/2 oz Pisco, 1 egg white, 1 oz lemon juice, 3/4 oz simple syrup.  

1608 Bar, The Hotel Frontenac, Quebec City, Canada:  This is an altogether different kind of place, in the famed Hotel Frontenac, overlooking the St. Lawrence River.  It will remind you of an English gentleman's club with big leather seats and bookcases.  The snacks are terrific with cheeses, sausage, and maybe even some very authentic poutine.  The only way to do it there is with a Smoked Old Fashioned made from Maker’s Mark Cuvée Le Château Frontenac, Maple gum syrup aged in bourbon cask “Cuvée Roger”, Angostura
Bitter, Chipotle pepper and Hickory Smoke.






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